Monday, October 03, 2005


Hey everyone! 4 days til game day... Are you ready yet???????? I am. Make sure you wear your "Beat Hahnville" shirts. I know alot of you have them and for those who don't, take a little trip over to Landmark Teez and pick one up. I'm pretty sure they made some. If not, check out some of their other ESJ apparel. Come to the game on Friday with plenty of energy and be prepared to scream until your hoarse. Let's make this one of the loudest home games ever.

ESJ football players...If your reading this, I want you all to know that we (the fans) are very proud of you. Win or Lose, we love you. You make Friday nights exciting for many people out there. Young and old. Go out on that field Friday with confidence. Hold your heads up high and go after what you want.

I've taken time out of my "not so busy schedule" to build this site. I've tried to keep up with all the stats and articles. I know it's something I would want if I was a senior in high school. These times are special and I wanted to capture that for each and every one of you. I know I haven't been able to get pics of everyone, but if you have a pic of yourself and would like it added to the site, please just forward it on to me. My email address is . I will be purchasing a domain and building a site from scratch as soon as I can an idea on the format I'd like to use. You guys deserve this and I don't mind taking time to do it for you.

Good luck Wildcats!...and good night lol