Friday, August 19, 2005

ESJ vs Hammond Scrimmage

August 18th

After watching ESJ scrimmage offense vs defense at home during the summer, I knew the defense had improved drastically. Talent has always been there, but the dicipline just didn't show up on the field. It's amazing to see the difference on that field today. The River Parish area has always been known to produce some of the greatest athletes in the state. This year, crossing fingers, I believe the 5A state title will come from right here in St. John parish.

East St. John's football team played their first scrimmage against an opposing team on August 18th. That team just happened to be Hammond High. I wasn't able to attend the game due to work, but I hear the team played very well. After seeing the score, I wouldn't even consider thinking otherwise. Johnnie Theil threw for 6 TD's and ran for 2. The first team offense scored 9 TD's. The 7 points scored by Hammond was against the second string defense. East St. John came out the winner with the final score being 83-7. That score blows me away! It's not only mind blowing that we scored 83 points, but the fact that our defense held the opposing team to 7 points is amazing! I'm looking forward to the season and wish everyone good luck.